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These hand-crafted silk make-up bags, are beautiful gifts for anyone and pretty for personal use as well.  New prints arrive seasonally!

Lady Primrose

We selected the Lady Primrose line not only for its specialty items but also because it is a Dallas based company owned and operated by women. Their products are featured in luxury hotels around the world.

Williams & Company carries the Royal Extract line which is a blend of creamy milk, golden honey and apple blossoms resting on a bed of precious woods. The Royal Extract line has been referred to as “Elixer of Life” because of its ability to enrich and restore the skin. Royal Jelly is what bees use to feed their Queen Bee and has nutrients and healing qualities, and is one of the main ingredients in all Royal Extract products.

If you are looking for a special “hostess gift” or a treat for someone, we have a number of products to recommend at all price levels. Many of these gift items compliment one of our treatments or make a nice statement on their own.